Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Shared Garden

Last week I went to the garden on Thursday and it was quiet and peaceful. As I was enjoying the space I noticed a chap and his little boy coming down the hill and they both looked as though they were enjoying the themselves. After a meander through the bush garden he sat down and looked really content and that's when I interrupted his quiet contemplation with a "G'day".

It was so good to see someone from the community just come to the space and enjoy it. He told me that he often came there to relax and one time took some of the bana grass home to plant in his own back yard.

As we continued to chat the best story he told me was how one night he picked a giant zucchini and took it to a mates house and all of his mates asked "Whered ja get that this time of night??" "From the gaaaarden"

I wonder how many others enjoy the garden without our knowledge? I hope there is more than just this one person.

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