Thursday, 21 February 2013

Making Community Connections

Yesterday I had the privilege of joining the Barrack Heights Pre school from around the corner to engage in some creative nature play. We made a tee pee, but unfortunately I used dried banner grass storks as the foundation, where bamboo is the much superior choice.

I think it's a wonderful thing that connections can be made with the surrounding community which adds value to all who are involved. We have had our little friends a few times visit the garden and it's always a delight when they are there.

It was enjoyable to watch how the children's imaginations and Ingenuity comes out when you start to built a tee pee. I loved how one little girl went a got a marker and began drawing on the poles. I liked how another girl made a swing and wanted to swing (of course it wouldn't have worked but hey, she was thinking outside the square!!). I also like how when the tee pee was completed one little boy he sat in it and just played peacefully with the dirt.

Witnessing children play with nature is so interesting as they respond to what is there and it inspires me greatly. My hope is that more children can come to the garden and interact with nature and be caught up in the adventure of play. Today there are a lot of threats to play and as adults we can not let this happen to our kids. Children and adults learn better through play and wouldn't it be a wonderful place if the act of play was put on high section of the priority list.

Play is the highest form of research - Albert Einstein

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