Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Community Gardens Inspire More Then Just Gardening

I've been attending the community garden for more then a year now and I really haven't done a lot of gardening, yet by going there I have been inspired to pursue creativity in many different ways.

I remember the first time that I decided to take my painting gear to the garden it felt great and was like breaking a creative drought that had lasted about three years. My Mum had passed away and I hadn't got back into painting until that day at the garden.

It felt great and since then I have been inspired to paint, participate in nature art and experiment in ways that I never have previously.

paintings on cardboard which the worms can eat later

The previous paintings were used as preliminary sketchers for further paintings.

Now this artistic spree has been going on for over six months and it's been a wondrous journey. I want to continue by saying that the garden has even influenced the way I have expressed myself in my home. I tell everyone that I have created a tree house in my lounge room. 
Welcome to the tree house.

Community gardens are here for the community and everyone has something that they can contribute. I am so glad that I decided to come along as it's been my little hidden paradise in Barrack Heights. I hope that it can be yours too.

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