Monday, 17 December 2012

Community Gathering Day 16/12/12

Yesterday we had a community gathering at the garden and many thanks to Angela Dever for organizing the events throughout the year.

It was a very hot day and yeah for The Department of Sport and Recreation who brought along a slip and slide. I can testify, that sliding down it cooled me down for the day :)

Not only is there action pack activities on a gathering day, we also have artistic adventures for anyone who would like to get creative.

It's always great to eat produce from the garden. This is Cliff and he made a beetroot soup that was so refreshing!!!!

We at BHCG would love to thank Mark with his amazing passion for music making and giving us the opportunity to play and make. It made the day special. 

Now this is an awesome design!!!

This is Terry showing that he has an array of talents other then gardening.

On the day, we also celebrated a birthday.

Happy birthday Darren.

It's always a great atmosphere at the garden and I encourage people to come along when we have future events or just pop in when we have our working bee's.

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