Saturday, 22 December 2012

Introducing Charlie Mgee

On Thursday night I went to the Flame Tree Community Food Coop to see Charlie Mgee, a Permaculture ukulele performer with a special guest Paul Spencer.

Paul Spencer

It was such a great atmosphere of live music, veggie soup and organic tea with honey.

Charlie Mgee sees himself as an educator for all things permaculture and writes wonderful catchy tunes so we wont forget what he's talking about. There were a few things that he sung about that really popped out at me, the first was a song about the edge. Life is far more interesting on the edge and I think I have to agree with that.

The 2nd was how we need to obtain a yield, whether you pick the  produce that you have planted, to the happy and satisfying feelings you get from gardening. It also strikes me that abundance is everywhere and we need to just be thankful and receive it. Its time to also break cycles of poverty within our communities and create more sustainable living for everyone.

The 3rd thing was about observing and I have to say it was like he gave me permission to just sit and watch. Not that I need permission as I am a person who always likes to watch, so perhaps I should just say, confirmation that what I do is awesome???

Charlie Mgee

Anyway here is one of his catchy numbers that I hope you will enjoy and just be careful, it will stay in your brain all day.

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