Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Walking Track

So many great things are happening at the garden and one of those things is the construction of the walking track. Another element that's great, is how those who need to pay off their outstanding fines can do so by participating in voluntary work at the garden.

This is accomplished through participating in a Work and Development Order which is overseen by State Debt Recovery Office. Darren from Access Community Group facilitates the process and is very proud of the efforts from all involved.

"On behalf of Access community Group I would like to thank Barrack Heights Community Garden and their valuable members and community. Work and Development Order overseen by State Debt Recovery Office has seen people with debt reduced with valuable community contribution to Barrack Heights Community Garden"- Darren Bell

This is a very positive option for those participating, as it empowers those who embrace the opportunity. Jamie (one of the crew)  says "this should have been made available 10 years ago". As it has given him the ability to pay of his fines that would take him 10 years otherwise. It has also given him connection with the community and opened his world to further possibilities for the future.

As a community member of the garden, I see how this is life changing for those who let it be. I think it's a win win situation as the participants work hard to make the garden a more special place, making particular mention of the formation of the walking track.

I shall conclude with a parting comment from Darren "Go out on a limb, that's where the fruit is"

If you or anyone you know would like to participate in such a program here is a link for Illawarra. You can also click on the previous links for more information.

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